TN (NAFTA Workers) Information :

A Canadian citizen seeking admission to the U.S. on TN status must apply for admission with a US Immigration Officer at a “Class A” port of entry, at a U.S. airport handling international traffic, or at a U.S. pre-clearance/pre-flight station. As pre-flight Inspection may delay flight bordering, the TN applicant should allow additional time for this procedure. It is recommended calling in advance to the pre-flight Inspection station to inquire how much time it takes. Canadians should be aware that TN status is not processed at every U.S.-Canadian border crossing; It is recommended to call the USCIS Inspection station at the applicant’s planned port of entry ahead of time to verify that TN applications are accepted.

For Mexican citizens as part of the TN visa application process, an interview at the embassy consular section is required. Interviews are generally by appointment only. The waiting time for an interview appointment for most applicants is a few weeks or less.

The TN status is now given for 3 years.