Today, our law office received some very helpful information regarding some new recommendations from the Texas Driver License Division. If you are wondering about the process of getting your TX Driver’s License renewed, read more about it below!
  1. If possible, the customer should visit a driver license office at least 30 days before your driver license or limited term status expires to allow enough time if a 3rd verification of your documents is necessary.
  2. If lawful presence has changed or your period of lawful presence has been extended, it may take up to 15 business days for USCIS to update your information in its database, which means the customer’s status may not be verified the first time.
  3. Once the customer submits their driver license or identification card application, you have 90 days to complete all of the requirements, such as SAVE verification and any written or driving tests. After 90 days, we may require you to resubmit your application and pay an additional fee
For more information about the Texas Driver’s License and the requirements for applying and renewing, you can visit the following website at… and…